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All you need is a standard RelyMarket account to participate.
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Earn a commission any time you refer a customer to us!

The basic concept of our affiliate program is quite simple... earn a 10% commission on the first order made by any new customer that you refer to our site. We also offer many features to help understand and improve on your affiliate activities including reports for both traffic and orders, easy to implement marketing materials and even access to affiliate-only coupons.

What types of orders will I receive a commission for?

You will receive the 10% commission for any first-time order made by a new customer referral. This goes for any registration or transfer order*.

*Some limitations apply

Who could benefit from the RelyMarket affiliate program?

  • Web site owners
  • Bloggers
  • Newsletter publishers
  • Anybody with friends, family and co-workers who need domains!

How much does it cost to become an affiliate?

There is no cost - becoming a RelyMarket affiliate is completely free!

What affiliate reports can I run?

You will be able to run reports covering activity, earnings and commissions generated via your participation. Activity and earnings reports will show total impressions, clicks, orders, commissions, reversals and earnings. Payout reports will show a history of all commissions you have earned and how they were distributed.

What marketing materials do you make available, and are they easy to implement?

We provide both banners and domain search forms in a multitude of common advertising sizes. They are very easy to implement and only require that you can copy and paste provided HTML onto your web site, blog or newsletter.

What are affiliate coupons and how do they help me?

We make certain coupons available only to our affiliates. These coupons provide your referrals with discounts on top of our already lowest everyday prices.

What's more is that we also allow you to create your own coupon code based upon any of the provided affiliate-only coupons. For example, let's say we were offering an affiliate coupon for $5 .com domain registrations and that you had a business called "Acme, Inc.". You could create a coupon code called "Acme" and advertise it on your web site. When your referrals visit our site from your affiliate link and enter "Acme" into our coupon field, they will receive the associated discount. This is a great way to help personalize the program and help convert new customers.

...And it gets even better (OK, now we sound like an infomercial), you can use these coupons as an easy way to generate customers without the requirement that they click on any links! Any order utilizing one of your custom affiliate coupon codes will automatically be credited to you... no matter how the person arrived at our site! This makes it very easy to build traffic by advertising your coupons on popular promotional code web sites and you can rest assured that if that coupon is used you will get commission for the sale.

How will I receive my commissions, and how often will I be paid?

There are two ways to receive your affiliate commissions:

  1. Account Funds -You can have your commissions deposited directly  thru PayPal -You can enter your PayPal account information in the Payment Settings.

We could hold all commissions for 60 days to account for returns, and process payments on the first day of the calendar month. On the first day of each month, we will calculate all commissionable transactions for your account and process your payment. There are no minimums or fees for RelyMarket account fund payments, but there is a 2% fee up of PayPal processing payments.

How long does one of my referrals have to purchase for me to get credit?

Any referrals you send our way have 1 year to place an order for you to get commission. This is substantially longer than is custom with most affiliate programs. The only caveat is if the referral clicks a different affiliate link in the meantime, that affiliate will replace you.


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